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Here’s Why Fresno State University Professor Randa Jarrar Needs to be Fired

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Ben Shapiro wrote an article yesterday which appeared on The Daily Wire in which he argued against the firing of Fresno State Professor Randa Jarrar. For those of you who still may not have heard of her- Randa Jarrar posted comments on her Twitter account which stated the following:

“Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal. F**k outta here with your nice words.”

“I’m happy the witch is dead. can’t wait for the rest of her family to fall to their demise the way 1.5 million iraqis have. byyyeeeeeee.” (sic)

Jarrar then cited her tenure and taunted Fresno State University tweeting that, “I will never be fired.”

Then, for whatever insane reason known only to her, Jarrar tweeted the phone number to the Arizona State University’s suicide prevention hotline which resulted in the line becoming overloaded.

Shapiro’s article compares Jarrar to Marvin Pickering, an Illinois teacher who wrote a letter to a local paper criticizing the school board for its mishandling of funds. He was fired by the Board Of Ed and sued to get his job back. The case against Pickering was initially heard in Illinois State Supreme Court who ruled in favor of the Board of Ed. The case was eventually heard in US Supreme Court who subsequently ruled in favor of Pickering.

Justice White concurred in part and stated that,

“The Court holds that, truthful statements by a school teacher critical of the school board are within the ambit of the First Amendment. So also are false statements innocently or negligently made. The State may not fire the teacher for making either unless, ….. there are special circumstances, not present in this case…….”

To compare Jarrar to Pickering is wrong. Pickering wrote a letter in an attempt to bring to light improprieties he felt were being committed by the school board regarding the misuse of funds. His accusations were found to be not “recklessly” false.

Jarrar on the other hand posted malicious comments about an individual who had recently passed away who was incapable of defending herself and the allegations made against her.

Jarrar is not, as Shapiro may believe, speaking on controversial issues. Jarrar’s “speech” is not part of a debate on dissenting opinions and goes beyond the scope of freedom of expression. She appears to be completely unhinged and her comments are completely disrespectful and unbecoming of a professional woman.

Jarrar chose to involve Fresno State University by mentioning them in her comments. Had she not, than we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

Fresno State University should have every right to fire Randa Jarrar should they so choose. If Jarrar’s comments diminish the “brand” of Fresno State University then Fresno State University should have the ability to take whatever action they need to repair their reputation. It seems we have reached a point in time where people believe their right to “free speech” should come without consequence.

This is not a case of a teacher or professor speaking on controversial topics nor is it about a difference of opinion. This is a case of what appears to be a mentally disturbed individual making absurd comments while identifying herself as an employee of a university that she says can take no action against her. Fresno State University should distance themselves from her and restore the faith in both their students and alumni and show that they expect their employees to act in a professional manner.

The Ridiculous Logic of the Transgendered & the Left

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I happened to come across an article on titled “Transgender Activist Freebleeds to Show Men Can Menstruate Too: It’s ‘Harmful to Equate Periods with Womanhood,’” written by Julie Mazziotta.

The article is based on an interview with a 24 year old woman by the name of Cass Clemmer who believes she is a man.

Let us first understand that menstruation is defined as: “the process in a woman of discharging blood and other materials from the lining of the uterus at intervals of about one lunar month from puberty until menopause, except during pregnancy.”

The definition does not say the process in a person or in a man or woman. It specifically says “the process in a woman.”

Let us also consider the fact that biological men are born with neither a uterus nor a vagina from which the blood and material are discharged from.

Let us then realize and understand that biological men are incapable of ever becoming pregnant.

It is from these facts that we can plainly see how illogical Cass Clemmer’s statement really is.

While not all women menstruate – ONLY women menstruate. And while the inability to menstruate makes a woman no less of a woman, it would also not make them a man.

Cass Clemmer would have you believe that by simply living out her fantasy that she is in fact a man, she becomes a man that is capable of menstruating.

To justify her fantasy she needs to convince herself and others, that men can in fact menstruate. This belief is completely illogical and could never be fact. It is biologically impossible.

Cass Clemmer deserves the right to live her life anyway she wants – providing it’s of no danger to anyone else. She does not, however, have the right to create alternative biological theories and to force others into believing in her own imagined fantasy.

Believing and wishing you are that which you are not does not make you become that which you are not.

The article is also rife with the most ridiculous and confusing use of the English language, leading us to another problem.

Cass Clemmer refuses to be identified by the pronoun he or she and wishes to be referred to as “they” or “their.”

Once again everyone else is forced to change that which they have been taught.

They and their is a pronoun used to describe more than one person. It should not be used to describe a person confused by there gender.

The left and transgendered not only wish to rewrite biology – they wish to change the English language.

Shame on People Magazine for placating the delusions of the confused.

Written by usa1968

April 13, 2018 at 5:24 pm

Linda Stasi and Liberal Logic

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Linda Stasi – a reporter for what’s probably one of the most disgusting liberal news rags in this country – The New York Daily News – wrote a piece yesterday demanding that Michael Osgood, the head of the NYPD Special Victims Unit, be removed. Her rationale – Osgood is a Trump supporter.

Have we really reached a place in this country where newspaper reporters are now calling for action to be taken against employees for their political beliefs.

Although Ms. Stasi doesn’t believe that Osgood should be fired, she does believe that because of his political affiliation, he is incapable of overseeing a unit that investigates sex crimes and should be moved to another position.

I think it’s time to demand to know who Linda Stasi’s political affiliation is with. I think it’s time to demand to know who Linda Stasi may have donated any money to. (All rhetorical questions actually. I’m sure it’s not hard to figure that out.) And I think it’s time for all New Yorkers to demand that Linda Stasi be removed from reporting on any other political story.

Stasi’s political beliefs would make it impossible for her to report impartially and from an unbiased position.

How can any reporter be deemed credible when they are pushing their political agenda and that of the company they work for?

If Linda Stasi truly believes what she wrote in her article then she would also have to see the fault that lies within herself as a result of her own political beliefs. But I am quite confident she doesn’t. This is liberal logic at its best. Void of any common sense.

Stasi isn’t that good of a reporter and her personal beliefs appear more than antithetical to reporting the news.

The people of New York deserve better.