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Happy Fourth of July and the Failed Obama Presidency Experiment

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Not identifying those involved with the terrorist acts at Fort Hood, Boston, Orlando, Paris, Chattanooga, Istanbul and all the others – as muslim – is akin to not identifying Hitler as German or Hirohito as Japanese. 

When we cannot identify an attacker as that of which they are or from where they come – for fear of offending – we are victimized even further. 

As the United States gets set to celebrate its two hundred and fortieth year of freedom and independence, realize this;

Had Barack Obama been in power during the Barbary Wars – well there probably wouldn’t have been any such thing. I would venture to guess that he would’ve sided with the muslim pirates and blamed America for traveling their waters. 

Had he been in power during WW I, the US may very well have come in on the side of the Ottoman’s and the Central Powers. 

Our participation in World War II may have been completely different had Obama been in power in 1941. Imagine if you may, his reaction and response to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Would he have identified the enemy as Japanese?  Would he have seen it as an act of war?  Would he have blamed “us?”  Would he have condemned the Holocaust and the murder of millions of Jews?  With his apparent and obvious contempt for Israel, I’d give good odds that he may have supported Hitler’s “Final Solution.”

How about the attacks on 9-11?  Do you remember the patriotic fervor that swept the nation. The way we came together as Americans. One nation…….

Had Obama been president in 2001, the American people would’ve been made to feel that “they” somehow were responsible. 

It has been over seven years of American apologies by the one person who is supposed to have “our” backs.  Seven long years of talk of nothing other than that which is WRONG with America. Seven years of smoke screens and diversions of same sex marriage and what bathroom someone should use.  Seven years of talk about how “You didn’t build that” or how being successful somehow equates to being lucky.  

The American people have fallen pray to this manchurian candidate. A wolf in sheeps clothing. An Anti -American, muslim loving socialist / communist. 

Every sign was there – plain as day. 

Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky,  Cass Sunstein, Jeremiah Wrigt, Mark Lloyd – are merely a few of his friends, associates and mentors who should have raised major concern and disqualified Obama from the presidency. Yet all were dismissed by the American voter – As if race was more important than ideology. 

As the 2016 presidential race ramps up to speed – it seems as if gender may now be the deciding factor. 

Let’s hope not. We see how the last experiment turned out. 

Happy Fourth 

The Case Against Barack Hussein Obama

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Some reasons why Barack Hussein Obama should not be reelected and NEVER should have been elected in the first place:

Bill Ayers
Jeremiah Wright
Tony Rezko
Van Jones
Hugo Chavez (actually publicly endorsed Obama in this election)
Cass Sunstein
Valerie Jarrett
Eric Holder
Saul Alinsky
Joe Biden
George Soros
Abound Solar
Solar Trust of America
Beacon Power Corp.
Occupy Wall Street
The Muslim Brotherhood
Fast and Furious
Obama Care
Redistribution of wealth
“You didn’t build that.”
More “flexibility” after the election.
Poverty rate at its highest since 1943
Over 8% unemployed
Median household income is down $4000.
46 million people on food stamps
Price of gas doubled in eight years

On Nidal Malik Hasan and Barack Hussein Obama

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So let’s get this straight.

Nidal Malik Hasan attended Dar al Hijrah Islamic Center, a mosque that several of the 9/11 hijackers attended. The same mosque that was run by Anwar al Awlaki. A hate filled anti-American imam, who has since praised Hasan for his actions.

It has been made known that Hasan has ties to terrorists and made several attempts to contact al-Qaeda.

It has been made known that Hasan has expressed contempt for the United States.

And yet this man was allowed to remain in the United States military and even promoted.

Can anyone say they are truly surprised?

Let me remind you all that once upon a time there was a man named Barack Hussein Obama who ran for president of the United States of America.

During his campaign, it was made known to the American people that Barack Hussein Obama attended a church run by a hate filled anti-American preacher.

It was made known that Barack Hussein Obama had ties to William Ayers, a domestic terrorist as well as Rashid Khalidi.

It was made known that Barack Hussein Obama’s wife expressed contempt for the United States.

And yet, the American people voted this man into office.

What has become of this country? America where are your morals? Where is your common sense?

We need not face any foreign enemies. We will destroy ourselves from within. All in the name of political correctness.

God bless the United States of America.

And God help us.


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Let’s analyze this again.
He attended a church, for years, that was run by a racist anti-America pastor.
His wife is anti-America and has expressed her disgust for this country.
He has associated with anti-America, domestic terrorists.
At least one his appointees is a confirmed communist.
Are we really to believe that this president’s intentions are good for our country? Are good for us?

Written by usa1968

August 15, 2009 at 10:02 am

People in Glass Houses……….

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So Obama wants to end harsh interrogation methods,  believing that these techniques helped in  “… us losing our moral bearings.” 

The problem is this folks; Who is this man to speak to anyone about moral bearings?  How dare this contemptuous, anti American ideologue, bring morality to the table now.  A man who lacks integrity should not be preaching  morality to anyone. 

Where was this presidents morality when he was alligned with Bill Ayers?  Where was this presidents morality when he sat in the Rev. Wrights church for all those years, listening to the anti American, anti White speeches?

Do not insult me Mr. President by wanting to profess some moral obligation to the American people now.

Written by usa1968

May 1, 2009 at 9:40 am

No Confidence.

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     In less than three months time, Barack Obama has demonstrated his inability to effectively govern and lead the people of the United States of America.

     His actions have not only been embarrassing, but have been detrimental to the safety and well being of us all.

     Barack Obama has clearly shown that his self serving political agenda is all that matters.  His contempt for the United States of America is no secret.  His ties to Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Antoin Rezko, and Father Michael Pfleger, can no longer be dismissed as innocent acquaintances. 

     His most recent appointee, Harold Koh, strengthens the argument that Obama is hell bent on reinventing the United States of America.

     At any time up until now, this president could have demonstrated his ability to be more towards the center and be more on the side of democracy rather than socialism.  Instead, we now have government owned banks, government run automakers and a deficit that has tripled.

     This president has continued to weaken The United States as a world power by apologizing to European nations for perceived wrongdoings.  He has allowed this country to be criticized by foreign nations. And yes, he has bowed down to foreign leaders.

     This president has called the American people arrogant.  He has, and has allowed those appointed by him, to put blame on The United States of America for many of the world’s problems.

     This administration has, and continues to reward bad behavior.  Run your company into the ground. The government will bail you out.  Can’t afford your mortgage? The government will bail you out.  Can’t pay your credit card bills?  The government will bail you out.  

     I pay my mortgage.  I pay my credit card bills.  I wake up and go to work every day.  I am proud to be American and apologize to no one.  I believe we are the best nation in the world and if that makes me arrogant then so be it. I believe in democracy and know that socialism of any kind does not work.  Ever. 

      Now is the time for all patriotic citizens to join together in a vote of NO CONFIDENCE for this president and this administration.