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Enough Already!!!!!

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Hey America – WAKE THE F**K UP!!!!!!!

Did You Expect Any Other Outcome?

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The United States government, the FBI and soon the DOJ,  just confirmed that there are two sets of rules in this country. One for those in power (especially the Clintons) and one for everyone else. 

If this doesn’t enrage every American –  there is little that will. 

Happy Fourth of July and the Failed Obama Presidency Experiment

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Not identifying those involved with the terrorist acts at Fort Hood, Boston, Orlando, Paris, Chattanooga, Istanbul and all the others – as muslim – is akin to not identifying Hitler as German or Hirohito as Japanese. 

When we cannot identify an attacker as that of which they are or from where they come – for fear of offending – we are victimized even further. 

As the United States gets set to celebrate its two hundred and fortieth year of freedom and independence, realize this;

Had Barack Obama been in power during the Barbary Wars – well there probably wouldn’t have been any such thing. I would venture to guess that he would’ve sided with the muslim pirates and blamed America for traveling their waters. 

Had he been in power during WW I, the US may very well have come in on the side of the Ottoman’s and the Central Powers. 

Our participation in World War II may have been completely different had Obama been in power in 1941. Imagine if you may, his reaction and response to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Would he have identified the enemy as Japanese?  Would he have seen it as an act of war?  Would he have blamed “us?”  Would he have condemned the Holocaust and the murder of millions of Jews?  With his apparent and obvious contempt for Israel, I’d give good odds that he may have supported Hitler’s “Final Solution.”

How about the attacks on 9-11?  Do you remember the patriotic fervor that swept the nation. The way we came together as Americans. One nation…….

Had Obama been president in 2001, the American people would’ve been made to feel that “they” somehow were responsible. 

It has been over seven years of American apologies by the one person who is supposed to have “our” backs.  Seven long years of talk of nothing other than that which is WRONG with America. Seven years of smoke screens and diversions of same sex marriage and what bathroom someone should use.  Seven years of talk about how “You didn’t build that” or how being successful somehow equates to being lucky.  

The American people have fallen pray to this manchurian candidate. A wolf in sheeps clothing. An Anti -American, muslim loving socialist / communist. 

Every sign was there – plain as day. 

Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky,  Cass Sunstein, Jeremiah Wrigt, Mark Lloyd – are merely a few of his friends, associates and mentors who should have raised major concern and disqualified Obama from the presidency. Yet all were dismissed by the American voter – As if race was more important than ideology. 

As the 2016 presidential race ramps up to speed – it seems as if gender may now be the deciding factor. 

Let’s hope not. We see how the last experiment turned out. 

Happy Fourth 

Liberal Leftist Thinking is a Mental Illness

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Anyone who doesn’t believe that liberal democrat leftist thinking is NOT  a mental illness – need only watch these reporters from MSNBC or read a paper such as the NY Daily News. 

Can people really be this stupid?

I guess so. 

Written by usa1968

June 13, 2016 at 2:16 pm

Idiot of the Day

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Marie Harf – two bit, political hack spokeswoman for the State Department – seems to believe the answer to defeating isis is by offering them jobs. Really?

They just savagely murdered twenty one Egyptians for no other reason other than they were Christian and this silly naive young girl thinks it’s because they are unemployed? Where did this idiot come from?

Written by usa1968

February 17, 2015 at 10:19 pm

There is No Shortage…….

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Can the American people really be this stupid?
Can they really be this gullible?

“All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.”
Adolf Hitler

“By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”
Adolf Hitler

Scary indeed.

Way To Go America

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After Ronald Reagan was elected president the Iranians released fifty two American citizens who were held hostage for over a year.
After Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected president, the Iranians fired on an America drone in international airspace.
Way to go America!!!!

Written by usa1968

November 9, 2012 at 12:38 am

BO’s Government Run Candy Shop

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For more than one hundred years Harry’s Candy Store stood at the corner of Main Street and Liberty Way. Harry III was the fourth generation to own the family business. Harry provided a wide range of new and old fashioned candy. People came from miles around, some from other countries, to buy the quality candy that Harry offered.

One day, the Government decided that everyone should be entitled to candy. They believed that no one should ever be forced to go without candy. They also believed that if they ran the candy business, they could provide candy for everyone.

Many people became worried that the candy the government offered would not be of the same quality they were able to get at Harry’s.
The government assured the people that the quality would be the same. They told everyone that those who were happy with the quality and service at Harry’s, could continue to get their candy there. The Government would not force anyone to take their candy.

BO’s Government Run Candy Shop opened on the corner of Hope Street and Change Place on June 28, 2012.

BO’s offered all the same candy that Harry’s did but with one difference; the candy at BO’s didn’t cost a single penny.
Everyone was able to just walk right into BO’s and take whatever candy they wanted, for free.

Many of Harry’s customers realized that they could get the same exact candy, free of charge, at BO’s.
If they got the Government candy, they would have more money to spend on other things they wanted.

The lines started to become a little longer at BO’s as more and more people wanted their share of the free candy.

Soon the demand for candy was exceeding the supply that BO’s had on hand.

There was another slight problem. Even though BO’s was providing candy to everyone for free, the candy manufacturers were still charging BO’s.
BO’s realized that they could save on expenses by cutting out many of the manufacturers.
BO’s Government Run Candy Shop soon began manufacturing most of it’s own candy.

Meanwhile, with less and less customers, Harry’s could no longer afford to keep the shelves stocked with the many different varieties of candy they had offered in the past. And, the candy they were able to put on the shelves was of a lesser quality. Harry’s was forced to sell cheaper candy just to stay in business. This resulted in even less customers. People were no longer coming from different countries and more and more of the locals were going to BO’s.

The lines now grew even longer at BO’s Government Run Candy Shop.
BO’s was forced to open several other locations just to handle the amount of people getting the free candy. This of course created another problem for BO’s. More locations meant more overhead and more expenses. To keep the escalating costs down, BO’s Government Run Candy Shop was forced to cut back on some of the different varieties of candy they were manufacturing.

Soon many of the private manufactures and distributors either closed down or began to manufacture only the candy now being given away at BO’s Government Run Candy Shop.

Now even if Harry wanted to sell the same candy as before, the manufacturers were no longer producing the quality candy which was once so highly sought after.

Some of the people began to complain that BO’s no longer offered their favorite candy.
BO’s assured these people that there was still several different varieties to choose from. They told the people that the quality of the candy they were providing was the same and there would now be shorter wait times.

Some of the people went back to Harry’s but found that the quality of candy there was no longer what it had been. They eventually realized that they would be paying for the same candy that BO’s was providing for free. They returned to BO’s.

BO’s expenses continued to grow and the demand for candy was never ending.

The Government hired the best analysts who conducted extensive research and studies on all the candy BO’s was providing. The analysts determined that they could save the Government even more money by using cheaper ingredients and only producing one type of candy. They decided that black licorice was the cheapest candy to produce. The people could now have all the black licorice they wanted, free of charge.

When more and more people started to complain about the bad taste the black licorice was leaving in their mouths, the government assured them that black licorice was still candy, still free for everyone and that more locations could be opened up to better serve them.
With the money saved, BO’s promised to form a research department to develop a better black licorice with no aftertaste.

Harry’s, along with hundreds of other independent candy stores had to eventually shut its doors. They could no longer afford to stay in business. This resulted in even longer lines at BO’s Government Run Candy Shop and many people now had to go without black licorice due to shortages.

Expenses continued to skyrocket for BO’s. They could no longer keep all the locations opened and there was no longer any money for the research department to develop a better tasting black licorice. BO’s no longer offered services on Saturdays. The result: longer lines and still a bad taste in the people’s mouths.

Eventually BO’s Government Run Candy Shop had to come up with a way to continue to provide the people with the black licorice.
They realized that they could no longer allow the people to come to BO’s Government Run Candy Shop whenever they wanted. People would now only be allowed to get their candy on their specific days and at their specific times.
Many people called it rationing but BO’s assured everyone that it was necessary so that everyone still got their share of the free candy that they deserved.
BO’s Government Run Candy Shop also decided to introduce a candy fee. The people called it a tax but BO’s argued that everyone was still getting the same amount and quality of candy as everyone else and the fee was still less then what they paid at Harry’s.

As more and more people demanded the black licorice, the wait between visits to the candy store became greater and greater.
The candy fee everyone had to pay kept increasing. The people were now paying more for black licorice then they had ever paid for the quality candy Harry’s once offered.

No one was happy and everyone wished for the good old days when they were able to buy their candy at Harry’s.

Everyone hoped it would one day change.


Authors notes:

Over simplified? Of course
Juvenile? Very
Sound like a children’s book. You bet.

You see, liberals and the left are like children. You must simplify things so that they understand. Yet even then, they just don’t get it.

Children believe money grows on trees and there is a never ending supply, just like liberals and the left.

Children live in the moment and do not think of the long term effects, just like liberals and the left.

Children believe everything they are told, just like liberals and the left.

Children don’t think of consequences, just like liberals and the left.

Children look to Mommy and Daddy and other adults to tell them what to do. Liberals and the left look to the government.

I chose black licorice because I hate black licorice.

If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, well than it must be a………….

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Female college student speaks before a “mock” congressional hearing.

Female college student proclaims that she and other students cannot afford contraception for the amount of sex they are having.

Female college student is then labeled that as which she defines herself. (Go ahead, look up that word in the dictionary.)

Female college student receives phone call from the president, who expresses his support and believes her parents should be proud of her.

Proud of her for what?

For publicly claiming that she has more sex then she can afford? Proud of her promiscuous ways? Proud of her extracurricular activities spent on her back?

When I was in school there was a word for that type of girl, but that is after-all, what got us to this point.

Iran is on the verge of developing a nuclear program.  The United States may be heading towards another Cold War with Russia.  US Soldiers are being killed in Afghanistan. Oil and gas prices are spiraling out of control.  The economy. The national debt. Unemployment. The unending threat of terrorism.  All real issues that should be of great concern to every American and our leaders.

And what is this president concerned with? A college student who is whining about not being able to afford contraceptives. A college student who believes she is ENTITLED to free contraceptives so that she can have sex while supposedly earning a degree in law school.


Sandra Fluke’s parents should be anything but proud.  They should be embarrassed and ashamed.

Every American should be embarrassed and ashamed of this administration.

Written by usa1968

March 3, 2012 at 12:05 pm

True Democracy!

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The people of the great state of Massachusetts have spoken for all American’s this day.

This is the beginning of the end for any politician that believes they have the right to disregard the will of the people they represent.

Massachusetts has become a beacon of hope in this sea of political despair.

“Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their powers from the consent of the governed,….”


Written by usa1968

January 20, 2010 at 12:47 am