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Max Rose – Hypocrite

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Max Rose – Democratic candidate for Congress from Staten Island – welcomed the endorsement of the NARAL – a pro choice PAC.

Max Rose also blames the NRA for mass shootings and says he’s doing all he can to stop them.

Think about this for a second-

In 2014 there were 653,638 innocent babies aborted – murdered.

In the last 51 years, no NRA member has been responsible for a mass shooting.

Max Rose wants you to believe that he’s doing all he can to stop innocent victims from being killed. Only problem is, he is now in bed with an organization that makes a living from killing innocent victims.

Can you say hypocrite?

And by the way Max – you want to ban the AR15? The weapon of choice in most of the mass shootings over the past 51 years has been a handgun.

But hey – why let facts get in the way of a political platform.

Another typical politician folks. A hypocrite who will say anything he thinks his supporters want to hear just to get their vote.

Let’s start holding the criminal responsible. Let’s start calling for stricter laws for those who use a firearm illegally.

Let’s stop going after law abiding gun owners who have nothing to do with these terrible terrible tragedies.

Let’s pray Max Rose stays out of Washington.

Who’s Responsible for Sandy Hook?

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After the latest tragedy in Connecticut, a lot of people are calling for armed guards in our schools as a means of protecting our children. Really?
Armed guards in our pre-schools? Our kindergartens? Our grammar schools? High schools?

The simple fact that we are even discussing this or have to consider this as a real possibility shows how far we have fallen as a society, how morally corrupt we’ve become and how lost we really are.

Apparently it is easier to blame the gun than to hold the person using the gun responsible and accountable for his/her actions?
It is certainly easier than looking at ourselves and our role in all of this.

We’ve taken God and prayer out of our schools. Corporal punishment is no longer allowed. We’ve taken to arresting parents for disciplining their children. We suspend and sue police officers who may have been too hard on “your” child.

Gratuitous sex and violence have permeated almost every video game around.
No longer does one need to go to a movie theater to see violent, gory, sex filled movies. HBO, Showtime and every other premium cable channel will show them right in your living room, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Any child with a remote control now has access to these movies.

We embrace such television shows as The Jersey Shore, Mob Wives, Real Housewives, Jerry Springer, Honey Boo Boo, Maury and countless others.

We’ve taken Porn out of Times Square but moved it into our homes via the Internet.

We now teach our children that Heather has two mommies but ignore the fact that little Johnny has no father and twelve brothers and sisters, all by different men.

We now accept and recognize “gay marriage” while traditional marriage is on the decline.

We no longer keep score at children’s sporting events in an effort to show that everyone wins.

We allow boys to join The Girl Scouts and girls to join the The Boy Scouts.

In our effort to teach acceptance we are teaching that everything is acceptable. We seem to have forgotten that there is a difference between accepting and respecting. One can respect another’s political and religious beliefs or sexual orientation without having to accept it as their own. When everything is acceptable, the difference between right and wrong is indiscernible.
Especially to children and adolescents.

The word “NO” has become almost non existent. People want what they want and think they are entitled.

Politicians such as Bill Clinton, Elliot Spitzer, Jim McGreevey and others continually disgrace and make a mockery out of the positions they hold.

Michael Vick, Plaxico Buress, Christopher Wallace, Tupac, Nicki Minaj and countless others could not be any worse role models for our youth. Yet we allow our children to embrace their music, root for them on game day and even wear their team jerseys.

Our nightly news shows report nothing but violence and tragedies, sensationalizing every death, every car accident and any thing else that will boost ratings.

We are legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana while criminalizing any sugary drink over sixteen ounces.

We call all of this progress and believe we are becoming a more civilized society when in fact it is this decadence and general acceptance of everything that is causing our society to collapse. We are at the point where “anything goes.”

It took the Roman Empire roughly four centuries to fall.
If we continue on this course, we will continue to see these senseless violent tragedies and we will bring about our demise even quicker.

Who’s responsible for Sandy Hook, Columbine, Virginia Tech, and the others?
We all are.

We Must Recognize the Cause

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If we continue to blame guns for these senseless despicable acts, they are going to continue. Something has gone inherently wrong with society and our children. It is long past time that we begin to reassess our values and beliefs as well as the way these children are brought up. There is a definite problem here that continually goes unrecognized.

Written by usa1968

December 16, 2012 at 1:27 pm