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Meryl Streep……and the problem with Hollywood. 

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Hey Meryl – Time to up your dosage of meds…… psychotic – self righteous – lunatic.  Who the hell cares what you think!!!


Just saw an article where Meryl Streep stands and applauds Roman Polanski in 2003 for winning Best Director. 

Roman Polanski – for those unaware – had pled guilty to raping a thirteen year old girl back in 1977.  Prior to being sentenced, Polanski fled the United States to France.

So here you have Streep, a Hollywood elitist, so out of touch with reality, she has no problem applauding a CHILD RAPIST for his accomplishments – yet feels the need to lecture and talk down to the almost sixty three million Americans who voted for Trump. She’s offended by whatever misconceptions she has of the president elect, but applauds a child rapist. 


Streep, like the rest of the misguided Hollywood “elite” do not live in the real world.  They are so far removed from reality, it’s as if they can’t see the world for what it is. 

Streep, Robert Deniro, Sally Field, Steve Buscemi, Matt Damon and all the rest need to realize that they are merely actors – nothing more. 

Like a waitress – carpenter – nurse- plumber or garbage man – your JOB is that of an actor. You hold no more influence or importance than any of the aforementioned job titles. Please stop thinking you are that important. You aren’t. As a matter of fact – you are less important because you actually DO NOTHING. Your job is to pretend. You pretend to be someone or something else. Kind of in the same way a child pretends – is it any wonder many of you act like children. 

Realize this as well – You are employed by the masses. You work for US. We pay your salary by going to the movies or renting your films. You are more than entitled to your opinions – that is not the problem. The problem is your self righteous, pompous, holier then thou attitude. The problem is you say you loath the president elect yet embrace a CHILD RAPIST. Who are you to lecture anyone? How dare you believe people really care what the hell you think.  If you haven’t realized it by now – almost 63 million Americans don’t. 

It’s high time that we let these actors and musicians know that we do not agree with them. Boycott their films. Boycott Broadway. Stop buying their records. We can send a message loud and clear by keeping our money in our pockets and out of theirs. 

New York Daily News and Stephanie Gaskell Get It Wrong

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The New York Daily News reported yesterday that rocker Bruce Springsteen had filed a lawsuit against Connolly’s Pub & Restaurant for copyright infringement. Seems that the Manhattan eatery had not paid a licensing fee to The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP,) which is required when a venue hosts live performances.

The article reported that, “He (Springsteen) claims the bar hosted a band on Aug. 9, 2008, that performed three of Springsteen’s hits – and charged customers a cover fee,” thus violating copyright law.

After reading the article, I too, like many others felt truly disappointed. After all, how many dive bars and seedy seaside joints had Springsteen himself played back in the beginning of his career that probably never even thought of paying a licensing fee? How could this self righteous rock and roller who preaches Rock and Roll Salvation from his stage, cast the first stone when he himself is not without sin?

And then a miracle……Well not really……Just a retraction.

The New York Daily News today reports that Springsteen demanded his name be removed from the lawsuit. It appears that Springsteen had no knowledge of the grievance which was actually filed on his behalf by ASCAP.

Both stories were written by New York Daily News staff writer Stephanie Gaskell. Gaskell starts off today’s story with, “Someone pulled a fast one on the Boss.” Really? It would appear that Stephanie Gaskell and the Daily News pulled a fast one on its readers.

How does a reporter write a story without checking its validity? How do the editors allow a story to go to print that is completely erroneous? Where is the accountability? Where is the integrity?

Gaskell wrote in her first article that Springsteen had “no comment,” which would imply and lead the reader to believe as I did, that Springsteen was asked, and had no comment. Had Springsteen actually been asked, he would have killed the story right then and there because as was later reported, he had no knowledge of, and wanted no part of the lawsuit.

So the question is this; just when did Ms. Gaskell know that her story was complete fiction? Did she actually try to get Springsteen’s opinion; either from him or his publicist? Did ASCAP make it known from the beginning that they had merely filed the lawsuit on behalf of the Boss?

The story has become the story and the moral is this; we should never believe that which is written in the press and reported in the news without first looking further.

If the New York Daily News was truly concerned with the integrity of its paper, Stephanie Gaskell would’ve been fired immediately.

Unfortunately we live in an age where integrity is seldom valued and fiction sells more than fact.

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining – I Guess

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The funniest thing about this president is that the very people who supported him are the ones who stand to lose the most.
The people like Springsteen, Sheryl Crow, Barbra Streisand, Oprah Winfrey, Tim Robbins and all the other musicians and Hollywood elite who make more than $250,000/year.
All the naive, college sheep that have no clue about the world other than what they read in books and hear from their professors, on their parent’s dime.
Hey, let me know how it all works out for you in a few years after you land that high paying job.