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Idiot of the Day

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Gersh Kuntzman – Reporter for that rag of a paper the NY Daily News. 

Check out the article “Firing an AR-15 is horrifying, menacing and very very loud”
Really guy?????

He claims to have PTSD from firing a rifle. 

 Are you kidding????

And as if that one isn’t bad enough -check out his other article on the little boy that was tragically killed by the alligator in Orlando. 

On second thought – don’t bother. Neither one is worth reading. 

This guy is about as ignorant, pathetic and insensitive as they come. 

Liberal Leftist Thinking is a Mental Illness

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Anyone who doesn’t believe that liberal democrat leftist thinking is NOT  a mental illness – need only watch these reporters from MSNBC or read a paper such as the NY Daily News. 

Can people really be this stupid?

I guess so. 

Written by usa1968

June 13, 2016 at 2:16 pm

Ali Was No Hero

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Let’s get something straight. Muhamad Ali was no hero. He refused to be inducted into the United States Army during the Vietnam War. Apparently the islamic convert would not fight the Viet Cong for lack of a quarrel. Yet this peaceful muslim had no qualms about getting into a ring and beating another man with his fists.  Have we Americans no principles or integrity left. 

Written by usa1968

June 4, 2016 at 12:15 pm