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Max Rose – Hypocrite

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Max Rose – Democratic candidate for Congress from Staten Island – welcomed the endorsement of the NARAL – a pro choice PAC.

Max Rose also blames the NRA for mass shootings and says he’s doing all he can to stop them.

Think about this for a second-

In 2014 there were 653,638 innocent babies aborted – murdered.

In the last 51 years, no NRA member has been responsible for a mass shooting.

Max Rose wants you to believe that he’s doing all he can to stop innocent victims from being killed. Only problem is, he is now in bed with an organization that makes a living from killing innocent victims.

Can you say hypocrite?

And by the way Max – you want to ban the AR15? The weapon of choice in most of the mass shootings over the past 51 years has been a handgun.

But hey – why let facts get in the way of a political platform.

Another typical politician folks. A hypocrite who will say anything he thinks his supporters want to hear just to get their vote.

Let’s start holding the criminal responsible. Let’s start calling for stricter laws for those who use a firearm illegally.

Let’s stop going after law abiding gun owners who have nothing to do with these terrible terrible tragedies.

Let’s pray Max Rose stays out of Washington.

Common Sense Not a Requirement for Principals

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There really needs to be a zero tolerance policy for lack of common sense in this world.

Evelyn Matroianni, principal at PS 52 in Staten Island, New York, wanted to suspend a nine year old student yesterday for bringing a toy gun to school.

The New York City Department of Education has a “no toy gun” policy and Ms. Matroianni was not about to look the other way and allow the student to violate the zero tolerance rule.

There was only one problem. The toy gun, which was less than two inches in size, actually belonged to the LEGO policeman that the boy had brought to school to play with.

It was only after Ms. Matroianni contacted the Department of Education’s security administrator that the boy was pardoned and the LEGO policeman and gun were released into the custody of his mother.

Ms. Matroianni is an idiot and has no business being principal of a school. She displayed a total lack of common sense and has demonstrated that she is obviously incapable of making any important decisions on her own.

While the New York City Department of Education’s policy on “no toy guns” should be commended, I am sure that a two inch toy gun, that is part of a Lego play set, was not what they had in mind when the policy was written.

Ms. Matroianni should be suspended; in fact she should be fired. Her actions were more disruptive and harmful to the students than the LEGO toy.

There really is no shortage of idiots in this world.

Written by usa1968

February 3, 2010 at 11:47 pm

Staten Island Tea Party – Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party

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If you are disgusted with the new administration, here’s your chance to be seen and heard.


Staten Island Tea Party

(One of many planned around the country.)

April 15, 2009  12 noon

Front of 265 New Dorp Lane, Staten Island NY

(C/O New Dorp Lane  and Edison Street)

Check out the following web sites for more information:

Written by usa1968

March 17, 2009 at 8:44 pm