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How can one be so aghast at the policies of the CIA and their interrogation practices, yet stand on the side of  pro-choicers?   That is the problem with the left and the Democrats.  They want it both ways. 

I take no stand on either side of the abortion debate,  but it doesn’t take a rocket scientest to see the hypocricy of it. 

How can one argue the morality of “torture,” and the “harsh” interrogation methods of suspected terrorists, yet be ok with taking a life in the womb?  Where is the morality there?

Written by usa1968

May 1, 2009 at 10:09 pm

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People in Glass Houses……….

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So Obama wants to end harsh interrogation methods,  believing that these techniques helped in  “… us losing our moral bearings.” 

The problem is this folks; Who is this man to speak to anyone about moral bearings?  How dare this contemptuous, anti American ideologue, bring morality to the table now.  A man who lacks integrity should not be preaching  morality to anyone. 

Where was this presidents morality when he was alligned with Bill Ayers?  Where was this presidents morality when he sat in the Rev. Wrights church for all those years, listening to the anti American, anti White speeches?

Do not insult me Mr. President by wanting to profess some moral obligation to the American people now.

Written by usa1968

May 1, 2009 at 9:40 am