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The Case Against Barack Hussein Obama

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Some reasons why Barack Hussein Obama should not be reelected and NEVER should have been elected in the first place:

Bill Ayers
Jeremiah Wright
Tony Rezko
Van Jones
Hugo Chavez (actually publicly endorsed Obama in this election)
Cass Sunstein
Valerie Jarrett
Eric Holder
Saul Alinsky
Joe Biden
George Soros
Abound Solar
Solar Trust of America
Beacon Power Corp.
Occupy Wall Street
The Muslim Brotherhood
Fast and Furious
Obama Care
Redistribution of wealth
“You didn’t build that.”
More “flexibility” after the election.
Poverty rate at its highest since 1943
Over 8% unemployed
Median household income is down $4000.
46 million people on food stamps
Price of gas doubled in eight years

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