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Idiots In Control

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What kind of society are we living in where school children are not allowed to use sun block? When those in power believe it better to endure a sunburn than risk some improbable reaction to the sun block?
We have allowed IDIOTS into positions of power for too long now.
People need to begin to realize that those responsible for making choices that effect us all, really have no business doing so.
We must stop expecting so much but accepting so little.


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  1. Solution to keep MORE kids from getting burned by the school staff’s stupidity:  just organize every student in the school to dutifully visit the school nurse every 2 or 3 hours, each with a doctor’s note on hand (and also on file with the school) requiring the student to have sunscreen reapplied every 2 or 3 hours. Have each student refuse to leave the nurse’s office until properly sunscreened …  
           The nurse will quickly run out of space, sunscreen,and patience (though not of patients). She will attempt to borrow sunscreen from the students,who will dutifully NOT have brought any (and who will cite the school rules, _verbatim_, to explain why. When she starts losing her temper and/or ejecting untreated patients, THEN sue the school and/or her.
            If time permits, kids can also memorize (from the school’s Health and Hygiene textbook) whatever paragraph explains the need to use sunscreen and frequently re-apply it — they can recite this in unison while waiting in live fit the nurse, to drive her further batty … Those who can’t or won’t memorize it can get some Arts And Crafts type to letter/silkscreen it (complete with source-reference) onto the fronts and backs of T-shirts,which they can then wear to school and point at/recite from, as needed … If the T-shirts are banned, point out the silliness of banning a page from a schoolbook on health …


    July 14, 2012 at 8:58 am

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