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Cable Companies Have the Upper Hand

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The channels on your cable television dial may look a little different in the very near future.

Fox Network is threatening to pull its programming from Time Warner Cable unless they are paid a “retransmittal” fee of one dollar for every subscriber, per month. And while a dollar doesn’t really seem like a lot, realize this: There are over fourteen million Time Warner Cable subscribers.

Should Time Warner, or any Cable Company for that matter, have to pay any network for the right to air its programs? It seems to me that in this day and age, when the majority of households in this country get their television programming either through cable or by satellite, it should be the other way around.

Cable television companies are nothing more than a vehicle used to transport someone else’s product to a consumer. A trucking company does not pay a manufacturer a fee for the right to transport their goods. UPS, Fed Ex and the US Postal Service do not pay for the ability to ship packages and letters to waiting customers. Fox Network does not pay Budweiser, Ford and Chevy for the right to air their commercials. They all charge for their services.

And while Fox can cite whatever reason they may for wanting to be paid by the Cable Companies. The bottom line is this: Without them, Fox Network has no vehicle to transport its product. Payment by Time Warner will only result in higher prices and fees for its subscribers. And, if every Cable Company began charging even a small amount to the networks, for the right to transmit over their “lines,” perhaps some savings could be passed onto its subscribers.

I have never been a big fan of Time Warner Cable, there prices are ridiculous and the service leaves a lot to be desired, however, I do have to side with them on this issue. Hopefully they hold out and set a precedent for all the other cable companies.

If you have Time Warner Cable, let them know you support their decision.


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